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Muskie clubs in Colorado
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Musky fishing vacations in Kentucky.
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Clubs in North Carolina
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Muskie Fishing Organizations in Ohio
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Muskie clubs in Pennsylvania.
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Clubs in Wisconsin.


  • Muskies Inc. - Muskies, Inc. is an active, service-oriented, non-profit organization for men, women and children with the single focus of improving the sport of muskie fishing everywhere the fish are found. Founded in 1966 by Gil Hamm, the original group of thirteen avid muskie fisherman concentrated on continual improvement of the muskie resource through rearing and stocking efforts and sound conservation practices. (Visits from muskie anglers: 795 )
  • National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame - A public service organization founded in 1960 and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 1970 for the purpose of developing an attraction and a museum to collect, preserve and display the artifacts of the sport of fresh water angling. To conduct a public service program for qualifying, compiling, publishing and updating record fresh water fish catches. (Visits from muskie anglers: 753 )

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