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  • Confessions of a Bottom Grinder - This isn't merely bottom bouncing. It's flat-out, hard-core, dredge-the-bottom-for-muskies trolling. (Musky Hunter) (Visits from muskie anglers: 961 )
  • Handling Techniques and Survival of Released Muskellunge - Originally appearing in the Fall 2004 issue of Esox Angler/The Next Bite Magazine, editor Jack Burns shares with us this important article by Rod Ramsell on the effects of handling techniques as they relate to muskie survival. (Visits from muskie anglers: 1063 )
  • How Big do they get? - Muskies like most fish never stop growing. However, rates of growth are dependant on sex, age, and population. Generally females are larger than males, younger fish grow the fastest, and large bodies of water produce the biggest fish. (Visits from muskie anglers: 995 )
  • Keep Moving to Find Early Fall Muskies - Esox Angler Magazine Editor Rob Kimm originally penned this article for Minnesota Outdoor News, but the point is well worth the reading ... Early Fall Muskies can be both challenging and rewarding! (Visits from muskie anglers: 1264 )
  • Late Spring Muskie Tactics - Late spring can be a dynamite time to hook-up with big muskies, as long as you know where and how to look for them. Pete Maina know, and shares his thoughts on catching these bruisers. (Visits from muskie anglers: 1555 )
  • LOTW with Bill Sandy - One of Lake of the Woods' premier guides reveals his summer magic. (Visits from muskie anglers: 915 )
  • Muskies Methodically Fishing Spots Thoroughly - Esox Angler/The Next Bite editor Jack Burns talks about methodical muskie fishing. This article originally appeared in Minnesota Outdoor News. (Visits from muskie anglers: 1016 )
  • Rattle Your Way To Spring Success - With musky fever hot on your brain, you contemplate your next spring trip to Southern musky water. When you get there, the high waters, rain, and muddy conditions have you re-evaluating your decision to use your vacation days on some early season musky fishing. (Musky Hunter) (Visits from muskie anglers: 1213 )
  • Refined Live Bait Tactics - The author has turned livebait fishing into an artform. Here, he takes it a step further. Musky Hunter (Visits from muskie anglers: 896 )
  • Run-and-Gun Muskie Fishing - Originally appearing in Minnesota Outdoor News, Jack Burns pens this article on a style of muskie fishing with covering water in mind. (Visits from muskie anglers: 1106 )
  • Superfish - Do they exist? Of course. But are the numbers of 55 inches and 50 pounds being thrown around too much lately? Musky Hunter (Visits from muskie anglers: 942 )
  • Three Tactics for More Muskie - by Pete Maina While many things in life and fishing are arguable (other than fish with teeth are really cool), I’ll offer that warm-water muskies are likely the most challenging, since so many different presentations can be effective. The key to the whole game is finding what they’re in the mood for on a given day or hour. (Visits from muskie anglers: 463 )
  • Vertical Holds And Time-out-of-water - In the hopes of furthing angler's education on proper release and handling practices as it relates to large species (particularly Esox), Jack Burns, Editor of Esox Angler Magazine offers The Next Bite readers this piece from Michael Butler. (Visits from muskie anglers: 910 )

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