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  • Deep Trolling for Musky - Trolling for musky is a productive tactic throughout the season, but it is in the fall when this method lives up to its reputation: big musky! As water bodies cool and fish put on the feed bag, trolling deep-diving crankbaits is an excellent technique for increasing your chances of landing a trophy. Understanding fall musky behavior, using a strategy to target deep fish, and having proper equipment are three critical components to fall fishing success pop (Visits from muskie anglers: 5048 )
  • Fishing reef structures for muskie. - grew up calling them 'shoals' but everyone's got their own name for this kind underwater structure: humps, bumps, bars and of course, reefs. They're classic muskie spots and they're as unique as the lakes they're found in. No two are built exactly the same, but good ones just seem to be good ones no matter where you fish pop (Visits from muskie anglers: 3480 )
  • Playing the Size Game with Muskie - Musky fishing is literally a game of size. Searching for the lifetime fish that stretches beyond the fifty-inch mark on the tape, or a 'ski that bottoms out the scale at thirty-pounds are targets we all strive for when out on the water. pop (Visits from muskie anglers: 3276 )
  • Turn Your Musky Follows Into Takers - Musky fishing can be a funny game. An angler can spend many hours beating the water to a froth, only to have a musky finally appear, lazily trailing the bait then slowly disappearing out of sight. Musky follows are a common occurrence when chasing this majestic beast, however, there are a few tricks that can be utilized to turn those curious fish into solid takers. Try these tips when out on your next hunt and get ready to land your fair share of braggin' size 'skies. pop (Visits from muskie anglers: 3642 )
  • Fishing Spots Thoroughly - Hey, I like to run and gun like everyone else. If the fish are going, its hard to beat the wham-bam and move on approach. Likewise, if Im scouting new water it makes sense to put on a bucktail, surface bait or some other search bait that lets me cover and learn the water quickly. (Visits from muskie anglers: 1611 )
  • Landing and Release of Muskies - Pete Maina discusses the importance of proper Catch & Release practices for Big Muskies. (Visits from muskie anglers: 1512 )
  • Timely Tips to Make Your Musky Hunt a Success - As the trees drop their leaves and the days grow colder, in-the-know musky anglers begin to congregate on their favourite waters to reap the rewards that the fall time offers - BIG plentiful muskies! Fall is the best time to hook into that fish of a lifetime, and by being prepared and having the right tools, your time on the water can be more productive and unforgettable. (Visits from muskie anglers: 1870 )
  • Tools and Traits for Properly Releasing Muskie - Muskie fishing is one of the fastest growing areas in sport fishing today. Ask any long-time muskie angler if fishing pressure is increasing, or look at the growth of muskie lure manufacturers, and you'll be convinced that muskie fishing is on the rise. With more anglers pursuing these predators every year, the need for proper releasing techniques is crucial to ensure the survival of post-release fish and sustain the sport fishery. (Visits from muskie anglers: 2890 )
  • Want to Fish Muskies Keep it Simple - All you veterans out there may be tempted to stop reading here. Please bear with me. Somewhere buried in the "basics," there might be something for you. (Visits from muskie anglers: 2155 )

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